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Girl Scout Workshops

As a former Girl Scout Troop Leader, I am committed to providing a meaningful creative experience to Scouts of all ages!

A fine art & crafting workshop series designed to support the character building concepts represented by each petal… allowing for the youngest scouts to “bloom with creativity” while earning their Daisy Petals. Scouts will learn about “courageous & strong” women artists, “use resources wisely” through crafting with recycled materials and demonstrate their ability to be “considerate & caring” through the creation of inspirational art!

Share your Petal goals & I will customize a workshop for your troop!

Scouts will be led in a discussion about artistic inspiration… their own & that of famous artists, and will engage in a critique of masterworks representing various genres. Color symbolism will be explored in the creation of a series of abstract paintings to depict various emotions. Printmaking & experimental painting techniques will be utilized in the creation of a collaborative mural piece.

An introduction to the basics of working with clay, this workshop will offer examples of different types of pottery, discussion of types of clay and demonstration of various techniques such as wedging, scoring, joining, pinching, coiling, opening a solid & slab construction.

Projects may include simple pots, textured tiles, & sculptural pieces.

Scouts will experiment with a variety of drawing media & papers in the creation of a still life. The effect of light and shadow on simple 3 dimensional objects will be explored through demonstration of modeling techniques. A critique & discussion of masterworks will provide scouts with an understanding of basic art elements & design principals. A select piece will be matted for display.

A variety of comic book art & illustrative styles will be presented for discussion and inspiration.

Working on illustration board, scouts will develop a (4) panel visual narrative with emphasis on character continuity and will include dialogue through thought/speech bubbles. Pencil drawing, inking, color application & lettering will be demonstrated.

Scouts will learn about inspiration & approaches to collage/assemblage. Adhesives, cutting tools & substrates will be discussed as well as embellishments such as found objects, photos, and other ephemera.

Projects may include wood/natural assemblage, shadow boxes, and decoupage on canvas… with themes such as “travel”, “authentic self” or “social commentary” to be explored. A beautiful selection of handmade, decorative papers will be provided for all projects.

In response to the many inquiries for seasonal crafting, “just for fun” workshops, service project related crafts or in celebration of a Troop milestone… allow me to plan a custom workshop just for your Troop! Whether it’s crafting with recycled materials, printing giftwrap, designing ornaments, or even a Mother/Daughter event… I am happy to design a creative experience to fulfill your Troop’s needs.

Additional fees may apply, based on required materials for requested craft/art project.

Step 1: Registration

Step 2: Payment

1HR workshop $15/scout

1½ HR workshop $20/scout

A minimum of 8 participants is required for a private workshop.